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Deez Fundraising

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Welcome to Deez Fundraising!!!

Welcome to this infomation website, on the "Give "N" Take Scratch card, and ways this product can be used to generate substantial funds for your organization and/or group.

As you read through the information on this website, you will learn more and more about our product, as well as the following facts:

- The Scratch Card raises more money for your group than Candy and gift sales.

- The scratch card program gives you 80% of the funds raised, rather than 50% like other fundraising programs.

- Whatever quantity you decide to order, we will give you 10% free cards. That's alot of free money for you and your group. Does your present fundraising company do that??

So come on inside, and learn more about our product, the Give "N" take scratch card, and how much $$$ it can raise for you and your group.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Dave Degrouchie, Account Manager
Deez Fundraising.

***Deez Fundraising will soon be changing it's name to Total Fundraising Services. This name change will be neccassary, as our services offered are due to expand. Our fundraising product line will expand, as well, we will also be offering services such as Telemarketing and direct mail programs for non-profit organizations. Ask us for more information today!!!***